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Posted: 1 Mar '19

How to Prepare for Your Industrial Painting Project

Industrial Painting

Industrial painting applies coatings of high-quality paint in an industrial setting such as power plants, warehouse facilities, and parking garages. This type of painting requires high-performance coatings such as epoxies and urethane-based paints. The application of these high-performance paints requires important preparation. The following are some key tips to consider when preparing for an industrial painting project:

Painting Surface

Industrial painting coats thousands of square feet of many surfaces. The surfaces range from anything such as drywall and wood to metals and cement. With each different surface comes varying preparation steps. You have to ensure the professional painters possess the proper skills and equipment to complete the painting job with expert and excellent precision and quality regardless of the surface.

Surface Condition

Something to consider when beginning a painting job is to be aware of any previous paint or finish that is present on the surface so they can properly be removed before you begin painting. Dirt, grease, oil, chemicals, and other contaminants must also be removed prior to beginning the job. Your repaint professional will ensure that each surface is properly prepared for its new coating .

Surface Exposure

Another thing to consider is the type of activity that is occurring in the room as well as the different types of acids or chemicals that the surface may be meeting. Taking these into account will ensure your surfaces will be prepared properly to bond with the paint and withstand everything it will be put through for years to come.

Surface Location

The environment can have an affect on the industrial painting. You hva eto consider whether your surface is indoor or outdoors as it changes the exposure to the elements and the preparation process as you prepare surfaces that are exposed to the elements is not the same way you prepare surfaces that are well protected.

Adequate surface preparation is key for the performance and longevity of the surface that is being painted. Once prepared, our experts make sure that only high-quality coatings are used during the industrial painting process. Contact us today to begin your industrial painting project.

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