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Posted: 2 Oct '18

Interior House Painting Projects to Do this Winter

When you think of painting, you probably think of a long weekend with warm weather. But why waste your warm weather stuck inside, when you can spend your winter days by interior house painting. Add value to your home, update your décor, or finally get around to creating that feature wall with some simple interior house painting projects.

Projects to Consider

  • A Brand-New Room: Trying to make a room look bigger? What about adding a feature wall to your kitchen? Whatever the project, interior house painting can make your home look and feel brand new.
  • It’s the Little Things: Small colour changes can make a huge difference. Changing your boring beige crown-moldings to a bright white, or a fun accent colour, can really change the look and feel of any room!
  • Furniture: Painting your furniture is another great interior house painting project to do this winter. Adding an accent colour or matching your current décor is a great option.

Why Winter Is The Perfect Time to Paint

  • Temperature: Colder air helps to better cure your paint. The lower the temperature, the drier the air will be, and your paint will dry faster. Be wary to make sure that your paint is not drying too fast.
  • Humidity: As with the temperature, humidity plays a big role in how your paint is drying. Too much humidity and your paint will not dry properly. A drier climate will help to cure your paint faster. This means you can get to that second coat faster, and not worry about damaging furniture when you move it back into the room.
  • Flexibility: - Interior house painting during winter can be cost effective as repaint professionals have more time in the off season. You may even get a better deal during the winter months. Scheduling will also be more flexible, as there are less people taking advantage of the cooler weather.

Winter is the new summer when it comes to interior house painting. It is the perfect weather to keep you indoors and get all your projects done. If you’re ready to start your interior house painting project, call us today.

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