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Posted: 2 Sep '18

Is there a Best Season to Hire an Exterior Repaint Specialist in Ontario?

Whether you live in Guelph, Kitchener, or Cambridge, there is such a thing as the best time to paint. The weather will always play an important part in painting. Our repaint specialists will be sure to look at the weather the days leading up to your project, as the amount of humidity will affect the rate at which you paint will dry. Paint that dries too quickly can form pits or blister. The weather will especially affect any exterior house painting projects.

Humidity Levels

Hiring a repaint specialists can be an integral part of your painting project. They will be sure to make sure there isn’t too much moisture in the air or that it’s too hot out. If it is too humid your paint will not dry properly and if it is too hot your paint could peel or blister.

Different Types of Paint

The two common types of pain are oil and latex, and each tolerate different temperatures. Latex based paints are best between 10 and 30 degrees, whereas oil paints work best in 4 and 32 degrees. Our repaint specialist typically won’t paint outside of these temperatures.


Another major factor to consider when exterior painting, is the wind. Our repaint specialists do not recommend exterior painting when it is windy. Not only will the breeze cause debris to fly around your wet paint, but it can affect the rate of drying. Be sure to watch the weather and be cautious of the wind. Waiting another day is better than having to completely redo your entire project.

A Good Time to Paint

There are a lot of things to consider when you are taking on an exterior house painting project. You will wat to pick a time between June and November and be careful to watch the weather and humidity levels. If you’re unsure, contact a repaint specialist and we can help you out with all your exterior painting needs.

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