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Posted: 2 Jun '18

New or Renew: How a Repaint Specialist Can Repaint Your Vinyl Siding

Vinyl has been a main siding options for homes since the 1950s. It withstands the weather and takes time to wear and fade. But when it does start to fade, what should you do? Replace the entire siding? You may feel tempted to take down and get rid of your worn and faded siding, but this is an expensive option. You might want to consider what it takes to repaint your siding. With the help of a repaint specialist you can refresh your siding and bring it back to life.

How Your Repaint Specialist Will Get Started


Your repaint specialist will start with taking a look at your old siding. If there are any pieces that need to be immediately removed due to damage, they will take care of that. Then they will pressure wash the siding. Once most of the debris has been removed your specialist will use a cleaning solution to get rid of any moss or dirt that is stuck to the vinyl. All loose or chipping materials will be removed. If your siding has been repainted before, it will be sanded to remove loose materials. Once your vinyl has been washed and prepped, your painting specialist will move on to the next step.


Having dry siding is an integral part of the repainting process. Before you applying paint, your repaint specialist will need to ensure that your siding is completely dry, and that there is no water in the seams. Any water that has collected and settled will need to be removed and dried thoroughly. Once your vinyl siding has been cleaned and dried, the painting can begin.


Our professional repaint specialist will use the highest-quality paints that are made for your vinyl siding. We know that your vinyl will expand and contract with the temperature changes of the seasons. Our specialized paints will ensure to maintain a long lifespan all while looking great.

A Practical Facelift

The best way to make the exterior of your home look refreshed, is by updating the look. But why replace your siding, when you can simply repaint it? This cost-effective alternative is a great way to update your home. When you’re ready to take a look at some colour options and discuss your vinyl siding repaint options, call one of our repaint specialist, or visit us today, to get you started.

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