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Posted: 2 Nov '18

Refresh Your Home with Feature Wall Painting

Feature walls have been an ongoing trend for a while now. Juxtaposing your décor with a pop of colour on one wall can really change your entire room. Feature wall painting can be a daunting task, however. You have to ask yourself, where to begin? What wall should you pick, what colour should you pick, and how do you start to accessorize the rest of your décor once it’s been painted? Here are some helpful hints to get your feature wall painting started:

Use an Existing Focal Point

Picking a feature wall is a big choice, but you probably already have a wall in mind. There is likely a wall in the room you’re painting that is already a focal point for that room. A wall with a mantel or simply a wall with nothing on it can be the perfect choice for your feature wall.

Picking a Colour

Choosing a colour for your feature wall is a great way to express your inner interior decorator. Feature wall painting give you the opportunity to choose a bold colour that you may not want to paint the entire house. A dark red, teal, or even a burnt orange are all common colours for feature wall painting. Once you have picked a colour for your feature wall, you will then want to choose a harmonising colour for your other walls, and find décor that complements your new feature wall.

Painting Complementary Walls

Now that you have the perfect feature wall painting colour, you can start to choose the colour for the rest of your walls. A lighter version of your feature wall is usually a pretty good choice. You could also choose a more neutral colour with an undertone that balances out your feature wall colour.

Picking Décor to Match Your Feature Wall

Once your feature wall painting is complete, you can start looking at décor and accent pieces to help tie your room together. Lighter versions of your wall can be featured in throw pillows, blankets, and picture frames. You can also choose another bold colour for your throw pillows. For example, if your feature wall is teal, you can try adding gold or mustard colour accents throughout the room.

When you are choosing a colour for your feature wall painting, don’t be afraid to be bold! Now is the time to add a splash of colour to any room in a big way. If you would like to get started on your feature wall, but you’re not sure where to start, contact our professionals today for feature wall painting advice!

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